KaKi即Kiah Kiean (KK) art & illustration的簡寫,KaKi在馬來西亞國語中有「十分瘋狂的粉絲」的意思,如KaKi Design就是「一群對設計充滿熱誠的人」之意。KaKi在馬來語中的另外一個意思是「腳」,所以我們的格言是腳踏實地,從檳城本土向世界出發。

KaKi is a short form of the words Kiah Kiean (KK) art & illustration. In our national language, Bahasa Malaysia, KaKi carry the meaning of “a fans of something”, eg. KaKi Design means “a fans of Design”. The direct translation of KaKi from Bahasa Malaysia is “leg”, it always remind us to be down to earth, growing slowly and step by step from Penang towards global.

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